Nice Guys: 10 Reason’s They Should Get A Chance Before Bad Boys

I think first we need to clear up what a ‘nice guy’ is. Just because a guy is nice does not mean he is a push over, or a doormat. This simply means he respects women. A nice guy is someone who see’s his partner as an equal. Most girls say they want a nice guy, but then go on a date with one and never give him a second chance. Was the date bad? Nope. So what then? “He seems like he will be a really good friend.” Nice guys = Friend Zone.

If he doesn’t want to sleep with you on the first date, it doesn’t mean he is too much like a ‘friend.’ This just means he respects you enough to get to know the person you are. Have you ever had a guy friend forget anything you have told him? Nope. That is because he listens to you, not just hears you. Do you have that one guy friend that will pretty much tell you the truth about anything even when it’s not what you want to hear (although you never listen to his advice, because your still messing with the same a**holes). Sounding like you should give your friend a chance.

Some nice guys get a bad rep because girls think they are only nice to get to the next morning. This is not true, if he is a real nice guy chances are he won’t want to sleep with you on the first date. If sexual tension is that high where it does happen, then he will be the one cooking you breakfast in the morning.

The truth is, when a girl actually gives a nice guy a chance she will never want to let him go. There are not that many genuinely nice guys out there. If you are lucky enough to have a gentlemen by your side hold tight!

Nice guys should get a chance because:

  1. He will listen to you when you’re talking.

He will remember everything you tell him, from your grandmothers maiden name to your dream vacation spot.

  1. He will never forget to tell you how much you mean to him.

Even when a million things are going on during his day he will always stop to make sure you know you are      appreciated and loved. It is small things like a kiss on the forehead, pulling you in for late night cuddles, or little a note left somewhere for you to find.

  1. He will always talk about problems, never fight about them.

He will make you talk about everything. He is not one of those guys that go from 0 to 100. I don’t think he has a 100 because he will never let it get there. Problems are more like bumps not tornados for him.

  1. He will open the car door for you.

Chivalry is not dead. It is hard to believe in such a self centered society that there are still guys out there that take care of their women like this. But it is true!

  1. He will always get the bill.

You will never have to pay for anything with him. Not even a pack of gum. He will always want to treat you to anything you want (within a realist range), simply because it would make you happy.

  1. He will show his affection in public.

He will want the world to know you are his, not matter what the situation is and who is around!

  1. He will never choose his guy friends over you, because truth is you are his best friend.

Even Sunday night football, if you really needed him, he would be there for you in a heartbeat. This does not mean he is on a leash. It means you hold the number one place in his heart.

  1. He will surprise you with new date ideas.

You will not be going to the same bar all the time, he is full of spontaneity. He loves to see the way your face lights up when your experiencing new things. He loves to experience new things together.

  1. He will be genuine.

This is a guy that will tell you the truth, when you want to hear it and when you don’t. He isn’t going to beat around the bush for things.

  1. He has most likely been friend zoned by every girl he has ever known, so all his ‘girl friends’ really are just girl friends!

No more wording about ‘girl friends’ like all your ex-boyfriends. Truth is when he says a girl is his friend, she is just that, his friend. He has way to much respect for you to hang out with a girl that has feeling for him, or would put him in any awkward situations.


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