Smart Phones: Life Is Happening, And We Are Spending It Looking Down.

If you don’t have a smart phone you mid as well live on Mars. They are everywhere and you can NEVER keep up with the newest one. I swear it’s like you buy the iPhone 6 and then you hear the 6s is coming out. And it isn’t just the phone, it is the apps with the phone: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Candy Crush, and whatever else is out there right now.

Everyone in our generation is going to have a hunch back from looking at the phones all the time. What if you looked up? What would you see? There is life going on all around us, and we miss it every day. We miss flowers blooming, birds flying, clouds creating shapes, babies smiling or crying, people in love, or happy, or sad. We miss the starts shining, the moon glowing, rain drops gleaming, bugs working together, and smiles on people’s faces or art work. These are just things I have picked up on. You can make someones day a little brighter by looking up from your phone and conversing with them. The world is actually a beautiful place. What would you notice if you put your phone down?

I don’t think they are horrible, I just think we abuse them. I think it is great that we have the knowledge of the world at our fingertips. I think it is great that we have GPS. I think it is awesome that we can have contact with someone in case of an emergency at any time. I also think phones are great because they keep us connected to people far away.

But we need to realize life is passing by and we are missing it!

Remember when an experience use to be about making a memory not about what Instagram filter made it look best.

Remember when you would go to a concert and watch your favorite performer with your eyes not through a screen.

Remember when changing the station was the only thing you had to worry about while driving.

Remember when you and all your friends would get together and actually be there mentally not just physically.

Remember when bathroom reading was the newspaper or a book, or you’d just use the bathroom, not sit there and read the latest drama on social media sites. 

Remember when you would take someone on a date to get to know them, not text them.

Remember when food was for eating, not for photographing.

Remember when memorizing phone numbers didn’t seem crazy, now our contacts is filled with numbers of people we don’t even remember. 

Remember when work stayed at work, and couldn’t follow you everywhere!

Remember when a phone only made calls?!

I think everyone should take one day to consciously realize how much time they spend on their phone. When I did this I was amazed. I have now learned to put my phone down more often when it is not necessary. I learned that life was going on all around me, and I was missing so much of it!


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