25 Reasons Relationships Are Good During the Holidays

All I ever read is why we should be single during the holidays, but in reality all anyone really wants is to be loved at this time of the year. When your single around Christmas time those cute couples become 100 times more annoying! Lets look at the bigger picture, it’s cold, we have to go home to visit our noisy family, and we have to spend money we don’t have. All of these reasons and so much more is exactly why being in a relationship during the holidays is better than being single.

1. Cold weather = need for a cuddle partner at all times.

2. Guarantee date for all the holiday parties. (this means you won’t be embarrassing yourself or going home with anyone from the office this year!)

3. No one really wants to go out when it’s cold, we would rather stay in and watch Christmas movie reruns.

4. The holidays are an expensive time of the year, when you’re in a relationship you can split the cost of everyone’s gifts.

5. This year you don’t have to worry about your relatives asking why you “still single.”

6. They will still love you after the 15 pounds of holiday meals you have gained.

7. You will have someone to travel with, they can be used as a pillow on the airplane or you can switch off driving on a long drive.

8. Do you have a family member who gets you ugly gifts every year? You two can laugh about each others crazy families together.

9. Double Christmas meals and desserts. (lets hope your families cook different things!)

10. Being able to go ice skating and look completely foolish.

11.  Having someone to do all the cheesy holiday couple things with.

12. Someone to safely put the Christmas lights up, and the star on the tree.

13. Sharing each others holiday traditions.

14. It is the ‘happiest time of the year’, really this will help your relationship grow.

15. Sexy holiday outfits. (for him)

16.  Someone to carry your sled back to the top of the hill. (Sorry men)

17. Someone who can get you out of awkward run ins with old high school classmates.

18. Don’t worry about waking up alone christmas morning.

19. Ladies always seem to come up with creative ways to please their men around the holidays.

20. No need to stress if you’ll have someone to kiss when the ball drops, you have each other.

21. Make new years resolutions together, and make them fun.

22. Don’t have to be worried about finding the biggest and best New Years party, because you’ll be happy spending it with each other.

23. You won’t be alone under the mistletoe this year.

24. They let you pop the champagne bottle, because they know you always wanted too!

25. Secretly everyone wishes they were as happy as you!


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