Neqtr: Changing the Game of Dating Apps

Neqtr is a socially conscious dating app for college students and millennials. It connects people through similar interests. Neqtr is changing the game of the dating app world by creating planned dates through volunteer opportunities and charity events. Millennials love to give back to their community. Sometimes they don’t know how to get started, or which organizations are in the area. We have made it easy to see all the local events in your area on one calendar. We are partnering with some amazing organizations like The Humane Society, Feeding America, Surf Rider Foundation, and the Boys and Girls Club. We have something for everyone and all interests. These are all the reasons why Neqtr is game changing:

  1. Giving back to your community

Millennials love giving back to their community. More than 87 % of Millennials gave to a non-profit in 2013.

  1. Quality dating.

This is someone you can bring home to the parents. A quality dating experience is one filled with mature conversation and two people with their priorities in order.

  1. Result of a match, is a face-to-face date.

Texting, instant messaging, social media, and all of these other non-personal ways of connection with someone is exactly what we are getting away from. A face-to-face meet up will assure you like this person and want to continue spending time on them. This also gives a person value. On Tinder a person is just another picture.

  1. Building experiences/memories together.

By doing something good for your community, you’re building quality memories together. Doing new things is key to a healthy mature relationship.

  1. Building social skills.

Lets face it, we spend 50% of our time with our heads tucked in our technology. By creating an experience where you have to socialize with your match, you are also building social skills.

  1. Sick of every date revolving around “Lets get a drink.”

This is not the app for you if your life still revolves around which bar has the best scene on a Saturday night. This app is for the people who are sick of “getting a drink” on every date.

  1. Creates first date conversation.

By having a planned activity, it creates less awkward tension for conversation. There is always so much going on at charity and volunteer events. This means no one has to think about what to say next. The conversation will flow naturally.

  1. Planned date.

Once you’re matched, you can invite each other to events. This is your first date. All the information, and details are already planned. You don’t have to worry about, ‘where do you want to go’ or ‘what to wear’ or ‘will i get reservations/tickets.’

  1. Community service hours for Greek Life.

This is a great aspect for those students in Greek Life. There is a set amount of community service hours every individual needs before graduating, or to say in the fraternity/sorority. This gives plenty of opportunities to fill those hours with people outside of your social circle at school.

  1. New relationships, new city.

Moving to a new city can be stressful, especially if you don’t know anyone. This app is a great way to get involved with people in the community. With our group events a person could make quality friendships, and through our individual dates a person could meet the love of their life.

  1. Even concert events can be contributing to the community.

Besides giving back Millennials also love their music. We enjoy festivals and outdoor concerts. We love color runs, tough mudder, and other fitness activities. Most of all we love to be a part of our community, and by buying event tickets through our App, part of your purchase goes to local non-profits.

  1. You’re over the party scene.

Not really down to go to house parties, or raves anymore. You’d like to do something that’s going to make a difference in your life. You’re more into crossing things off your bucket list.

  1. The least stressful date you can have.

There is seemingly no planning that has to be done. There is also little communication before the date, so this leaves the excitement aspect which increases endorphins.

  1. You can rate dates, and anyone who is inappropriate will be flagged immediately.

No more creepy Tinder dudes! Each date you can rate a person, which will not be viewed by the public this is only for the company to keep track of people acting inappropriately. We pride ourselves on quality dates, that means quality people.

  1. Sexy Neqtr points.

A person can gain sexy points by attending volunteer and charity events. The more events you attend, the sexier you are. This creates the image #givingbackissexy

  1. Personal growth

Volunteering is a great learning experience for yourself. It is humbling and beautiful. Whether your cleaning beaches, saving puppies, or feeding the homeless each has it’s own personal reward. We get to make our world more beautiful!

  1. Get out of your social circle and comfort zone.

This is a great way to expand your social circle. If you’re passionate about the environment, experience meeting people who share this same passion.


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