Peter Pan Syndrome.

This is the problem with a lot of guys in the dating world today. They think they are still in their 20’s or in college, when in reality they are 35 or older. It is time to grow up! The worse part is society makes this “youthful” forever seem cool. Truthfully it is unfulfilling after a short period of time. As a college student myself, it is strange to see 30 or older people pretending to be my age. Even worse when they are sloppy, dressed provocative, or hitting on young girls…it’s not a good look!

Stylish Wing Girl

“Peter Panning” is a thing. I first heard this term when I lived in the lovely super single city of San Francisco. Why? At least when I lived there the ratio between girls and guys was off –  (straight) guys had their pick of hot girls and would “fly” from girl to girl “hooking up” with each with no intention on settling down. These boys were a bit lost and didn’t want to grow up. And yes, when I say “grow up” I mean “commit”; a term that is scary to certain guys. If you’re one of those guys, you might just be considered a “Peter Pan”. Because of this epidemic in SF girls started adopting this way of living into their lives, and what resulted was just a couple of years of promiscuity, drunken nights, and no fulfillment. It’s a quick lesson of what we do not want. It seems guys…

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