Let Me Clear My Throat

So this past week we launched our app, and while I was at the launch party it occurred to me – some people still don’t understand the full concept of what Neqtr is trying to do. We are a game changer! You need to know everything to fully appreciate this kind of “online or app” dating.

First let’s make this clear: this is not an app for every one, nor do we want it to be. This app is for the trend setters, the kind-hearted, the people who care about giving back and are looking for more in life. If you still love blacking out, hooking up with lots of rando’s or immediately going to the bar when entering some place with drinks…we’re probably not the app for you. If you enjoy adventure, change and meaningful connections with quality people…we’re probably the app FOR you!

A few people I talked to have had some really good questions about why our app would be “for” them. I know, people think ‘I don’t need online dating, or a dating app’ but truth is we could all use a little less tension on the dating scene. In a world like today it is so hard to even know what a date is! Casual relationships have become such a big trend, one person is often left hurt or confused. With our app we tempt to ween out those who look for casual relationships, and are looking for relationships which have meaning.


Q: What is a millennial?

A: Maybe we use this word to loosely in our world. A millennial is also known as Generation Y. This is a person born in the 1980’s-1990’s. We at Neqtr say a millennial is a person between the age of 24-36. Our other target market, which is our college market is on the end of the millennial scale between the ages of 18-24. But we accept all ages, so don’t be shy!


Q: I am already in the tech world for work, the last thing I want to do is use an app (more tech) to find a date. How is your app different from others?

A: We understand someone who is around tech all day not wanting to use technology on their free time, but this is what makes Neqtr so awesome. Our purpose is to minimize the amount of actual tech contact used between matches. Our purpose is swipe, make a match, invite each other to an event or “planned date”, once invited only then can you message each other. Messaging should be minimal such as, “I’ll get there at this time”, “I will meet you in the parking lot” , or “Your profile caught my attention can’t wait to meet in person.”, and so on. We do not want the messaging to be used to talk back and forth forever. This is the reason for the planned dates. We want people to meet in person, talk in person, and connect on a deeper level. If the connection isn’t there you find out way sooner, and hey maybe you made a friend out of the meet up. Even if it’s not a friendship at least you’re not wasting each others time or dragging yourself through the tedious “interview process” mainstream dates entail.


Q: Give me an example of a good volunteering or charity date, I never thought of this as ‘a first date’.

A: I mean there are so many. But just to name a few – a beach clean up could be a really great first date. Everyone loves the beach, it a relaxed atmosphere, you’re outside, the beach is already beautiful and your making it more beautiful by cleaning it up. On top of all that you usually have space to walk away from other volunteers, giving it that one-on-one “first date” feel. Another example is a charity event at a local brewery to support non-profits in your community. We all love local brew. It is a great way to have a few drinks in a low pressure atmosphere. This is not like meeting up at a bar at 10:30 P.M., it’s usually ending by 10:30 P.M.. Another instance would be doing anything to help children. It’s always sexy to see how a man of acts around little kids, it shows a lot about who he really is. If he has patience, has no problem acting silly, can multi-task, is gentle, and can impact the life of a child, he is probably someone you’d enjoy spending time with. These are all huge qualities we should be looking for in a partner. Honestly, watching a person help children read at a story tent can give you a good indicator about who they are on a deeper level. As I said the list can go on these are just a few dates I’d call fun and genuine.


Q: Aren’t you trying to move away from the ‘shallowness’ of Tinder-like apps where people just choose each other based off of looks, why does your app still seem to make it all about the person’s picture when swiping?

A: This is actually a great question. Although it may seem at first glance like our app is all about the picture, or someones looks, we hope the people using our app will take the time to not only look at the picture but also at the causes. Yes, the picture is the biggest and main attraction, but your cause preferences are also listed in the corner of your picture. The people using this app may take the time to read what you’re interested in rather than use it as a Tinder-like app and just swipe-swipe-swipe. The causes also give users an idea about what the other users care about, and provide an ice breaker on dates.


Q: How does your whole flagging process work? What exactly does it mean.

A: The reason we say you can “flag” someone is because we want this app to have quality people. Now this doesn’t mean we want people to go around flagging someone if they don’t deserve it. Someone should be flagged for reasons such as – they lied on their profile, they weren’t volunteering, they were acting inappropriate, they didn’t show up after making plans…I mean we are adults we know why someone should be flagged. If someone is flagged this message gets sent to our office only, we will contact the person directly. This is not public for everyone to see. The reason we created this was to keep the environment of our app safe, friendly, and open to finding quality love.


Hopefully this has cleared the air for some people. If you have any questions concerning our app, or questions to ask us please message us on FB or shout us out on Twitter.

By: Holly Kravetz


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