Tinder Nightmares

Tinder brings nightmares, Neqtr brings dreams! We promise to be the last dating app you will ever try. Find a quality match and share your passion with a person who cares about saving the world. Don’t find yourself waking up next to yet, another terrible tinder terror.



Valentine’s Day: if you’re single, it’s depressing and if you’re in a relationship it’s an expensive waste of money. Either way, it’s unavoidable, especially considering the dominance of social media.

The big V-day is an Instagrammable holiday. I’m just waiting for the barrage of “didn’t he do well” photos of various perfumes and handbags made that bit more romantic by a nice Nashville filter clogging up my feed.

And now, there’s Tinder. Not that it’s anything new – this year Tinder will be three years old. However, its usage is on the dramatic rise; it has a 42% of the market share on the Apple app store for dating apps and 50m active users swiping left and right each day.

Attitudes towards it are also changing, used less to find casual sex and more often to find a partner, certainly in my 20-something circle. My housemate met her boyfriend…

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