The Science Behind The Perfect Profile

A first date is pretty much like a job interview. They are judging you from the second you walk through the door. You’re wondering what they want to hear and invested time thinking about topics to discuss. You’ve carefully chosen your outfit, assuming it what they want to see you in. You have though about ways to introduce yourself. You have though about how much you’re going to tell them about your real life. At the same time you’re wondering if they are right for you. Will they be able to keep up with your lifestyle? Do they hold the same values as you? Is this a person who will drop everything to help me? Will they challenge you in the right ways? What are their passions? Will they fulfill your sexual drive?

All these questions go through your head. Then you walk up and the awkward first date begins, both trying to get a feel for how much of your true personality you should reveal.

Now lets cut out the bulls#*t of the awkward first date. We all know online dating has its flaws, but it also allows you not to waste your time going through the efforts mentioned above. There are over 2,500 online dating sites in the U.S (OnlineDating Statistics) and the dating app generation is on a rise. How can you choose which is best for you in a world filled with so many options? Easy, what is your passion – there is a dating app or website for it! They have it all. The growth of dating apps are huge among millennials who are busy with school, careers and general life. They claim apps save time and make it easy to ween out the unwanted matches.

Research by Khan, of Barts and the London School of Medicine explains what makes the perfect dating profile – i.e. how to turn a picture into a meaningful connection in person. Stay away from selfies, both genders are more likely to swipe right on a picture that is taken of them. Your more likely to get matches if your username starts with a letter from the beginning of the alphabet. Our minds seem to think “the higher the better.” Women should wear red in their profile picture because studies have proven men find this color friendly and intriguing. Before you create a name, look through women’s profiles and write down the screen names of those you find attractive. If you notice common themes—like most of the names mention exercise activities—coming up with a similar name will help your odds (e.g., “Fit&Fun,” Khan offers). Short, simple words and messages are more attractive.


Men: Take your photo outside, research has proven women are more likely to find you interesting and message you.

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Women: Don’t get to artsy with your photo, unlike women who like men with artsy photos, men don’t like women with abstract photography.


Both: Stay away from selfies.

Cropping: If you use a full body image, your more likely to receive messages. People have said full body images make a person seem less like a face on a screen and more like a person they would be willing to meet up with.


Messaging: Keep the messaging limited. Do not send paragraphs, this will scare men and women off. Keep it short and sweet. You should know if you like a person by their ease in a conversation. Save the long and detailed talks for when you meet up in person.

Solo: Keep your main picture for you, and you alone. It shouldn’t be a guessing game who you are. It also doesn’t matter if you have met a famous person, have a lot of friends, or think posing with the opposite sex will send a message. 42 percent(Revlon & Zoosk) fewer messages were sent to people posing without a solo photo.


Animals: Although animals are a great pick up line in the park, not so much in an online photo. Keep the pets out, maybe leave that for conversation. Profiles with animals in their pictures were 53 percent(Revlon & Zoosk) less likely to receive a message.


By: Holly Kravetz


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