Why Men Need To Do Yoga

We are talking about a touchy subject today — where are the men in all the yoga classes? Yoga was originally a male practice in the Hindu and Buddhist religions for dedication, mindfulness and discipline (YogaBasics). In the United States when you walk into a yoga class you’ll be lucky to find one male, although the ratio is growing. Truth-be-told just by going to a yoga class, you’ve moved from a 6 to an 8 in the eyes of the 25 ladies laying sweaty on their mats in the room. My question is why don’t more go? Do men know the benefits of yoga? I have heard a few excuses from men: It’s not a real workout, I’m not a hippie, I can’t sit for that long, I’m not flexible, & my personal favorite yoga is for girls. I was talking to a guy friend who does yoga and he was telling me about a recently published study saying the same high runners get, yogis get at the end of a class. That means the chemicals in our brains altar and release endorphins to create happiness when we are involved in yoga. The thing is most men would rather run than attend a yoga class. Here are the facts men so listen up!

Wait, you need more reasons besides all the hot women that do yoga? I once read the ratio of men to women who attend yoga classes are 15:1!

Okay seriously though… It decreases pain & risk in other fitness related injuries.

Increases flexibility.

Which increases pleasure in the bedroom.

Improves posture.

Improves memory.

You’ll never forget that girl’s name you met in class for the following week—because let’s admit it we’re all horrible with names.

Releases Stress. 

You can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Yoga will challenge your mind and your body.

Allowing yourself to live in the present moment can challenge your goals and aspirations. Yoga classes can always become more challenging on our bodies.

Increases confidence.

Unlocks hidden energy.

Doing yoga in the morning allows your work/school day to be less hectic and more productive.

Improves your diet and sleep.

You will have better deeper sleeping and curve cravings.

Strong lean body to help increase productivity in other fitness activities.

Yoga once a week will improve you’re performance in lifting, running, football, and whatever else men do.

So…men do you still think you want to skip the next yoga class your invited to?

By: Holly Kravetz


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