Neqtr’s “Giving Back Is Sexy” Street Takeovers

Join the #Giveolution!

As the dating app that’s making giving back sexy, Neqtr is cleaning up the dating scene starting with the streets of San Diego…literally.

That’s because giving love breeds love. But we need your help, whether you come as a spectator or a volunteer. Join the #GivingBackIsSexy revolution and help us make a difference with like-minded hot singles and maybe find love in the process!

Be a spectator: Even if you can’t be there in person, share or invite friends to show your support in the idea that giving back is sexy.

Be an Eye Candy recruit: If you want to volunteer, register here. The only thing you need to bring is your smile and your passion, and very little clothing. We’ll provide the rest!

Dress code: Less is more. You’ll be branded with washable body paint and temporary tattoos, so more skin = better canvas.

Guys: boardshorts, shirt optional.
Girls: shorts and bikini tops. Whatever you feel sexy in.

So who are we anyway?
Neqtr is a socially-conscious dating app that helps people find love while giving back and doing something positive, for yourself or the community. Into yoga? Swipe right on that cutie and invite him along! Are you passionate about helping animals? So is the hot brunette you’ve been eyeing at the coffee shop. Make a date out of rescuing puppies at the animal shelter.

Give love, get love. It’s that simple. Download Neqtr today and find love while doing what you love.

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