From revolving door to velvet rope: Neqtr is now invite only

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but how do you find the ones worth reeling in? Until now, dating apps have left you with the unpleasant task of filtering through the junkyard of bad matches.

It’s as if the so-called “matching system” on these apps is completely random: you want 25-35 year old athletic cutie who’s ready to settle down, and end up getting shirtless “DTF?” proposals, hot messes whose Instagram timeline is full of trashy selfies, or unwelcome d*ck pics.

What’s the point of creating a profile if you’re hit with a floodgate of trainwrecks the minute you log on?

Answer: Close the floodgates.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re now invite only.

BetterPathToLoveUntil now, it has been a losing battle on both sides. We consistently kept hearing that singles, particularly women, are disappointed with the quality of people they hear from on dating apps. Women say they get bombarded with messages, causing any potential “good guys” to fall through the cracks.

Similarly, quality men are frustrated they don’t receive responses from the women they like. In short, good guys don’t get a fair shot despite how much they have to offer.

If you’re already on Neqtr, you don’t need to do a thing. Just keep being your amazing, sexy self. If you’re not with us yet, you just need to apply and show us who you are. We’ve also been scouring Social Media Land for socially conscious and health conscious cuties, who receive a personal invitation from us to join.

Why invite only?

We’re taking an active role in quality assurance, and that can’t happen if our front door is a revolving one. So we’ve turned our revolving door into a velvet rope instead.

Think of us as the Tinder for Better People – you just have to show us you’re about something positive – whether you volunteer, run marathons, cook healthy meals, write poetry, photograph street art, or do yoga in your backyard.

What other apps have attempted to solve with random novelty or algorithms, we’re solving based on ongoing feedback directly from real singles. From bi-weekly focus groups to interviewing people on the street, the Neqtr Tribe has been on a mission to “hack” dating to finally create a solution to the top online dating disappointments.

“We want to ensure we attract the right audience. We’re not Tinder, and we don’t want to be. Our members are looking for more. As a woman, I’ve been on too many bad dates and I’m over it. Actions speak louder than words, that’s why we offer planned dates — so our members could see if their matches have passions and interest in more than just themselves.” CEO Sonya Davis

LoveOnAgenda_BannerPeople looking for a fun fling already have plenty of options. Those who want something more and are willing to prove it, welcome to Neqtr.

We are ultimately hacking dating but providing an innovative solution to help people find love. It’s tough not to be jaded by dating apps these days, but we believe in love and changing the face of dating for good.

Available for iPhone and Android.


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