The news of gay marriage becoming legal across all 50 States this past week made me so incredibly happy. It’s long overdue and it’s going to better the lives of so many people. This news touches me much deeper than most know.

It was not a heterosexual couple, but rather, my aunt and her partner of 25 years that instilled my faith in love.

From a very young age, I witnessed the incredible love they have towards each other and my two cousins. Throughout my life I’ve observed them being loving toward each other, faithful, and have provided their children with the best upbringing. Their home always feels cozy, and they’ve often had other lesbian couple friends over that also seem to be in very loving relationships with nice energy radiating from them.

Being that my parents are divorced as are many of my friends, I would have had every excuse to lose my faith that lifelong marriages still exist. And yet, thousands of gay couples, many of whom had been together for decades, finally got to legally tie the knot as a result of the same sex marriage SCOTUS ruling. It’s a beautiful thing.

If I hadn’t had these healthy relationship role models to guide me in my lifetime, I’m not sure I would have maintained an open mind for wonderful love being possible. I’m totally confident that love is love and love is real.

I’ve met various people that don’t support gay marriage, and it urks me intensely. These folks sound completely ignorant to me. I don’t even get it. Perhaps being raised where it was always part of the norm could be the reason I don’t get it. I also don’t blindly follow things people say. It’s not hot. Think for yourself, people! I feel compassion for these sheep in a way. Hopefully this step today will help them reconsider. I can’t wait to see how this changes our society for the better!

Change is possible.  #LoveisLove #LoveWins

— Sonya


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