Perfect Match—Couples Who Workout Together…

We all know the saying, “Couples that workout together stay together.” The fact is couples who share a passion together stay together. Fitness, no matter what category your fitness goals fall in is extremely time-consuming. I can say first hand anyone who does bodybuilding, power lifting, Crossfit or any type of fitness that creates a complex where your body is never good-looking enough, can find it hard to settle down with someone. It can be difficult to share your love, when you love yourself so much. Joking! Fitness is something that needs to be a shared passion in a relationship in order for that relationship to work. I fully stand behind this statement, it will not work if your partner does not support your passion and/ or love your passion as much as you.

Ladies & Gents the truth—fitness couples don’t wonder why their partner hasn’t answered the phone if they are in the gym. They don’t expect them to skip workouts, eat to many cheat-meals, do something outside of the schedule, stay up too late, or converse while working out. Fitness goals don’t get met by having a nagging partner who doesn’t understand the pure pleasure of reaching a fitness goal. Find someone who loves your passion as much as you, that’s what I did.

Our Story:

We met at Golds Gym in West Springfield, MA. I could tell he was seriously into lifting because he never talked to anyone or looked up from under the hat he was always wearing. He walked in, completed a workout and walked out. It was kind of sexy how passionate he was about fitness. I was not seriously into lifting, I mean I worked out to stay in shape but not as any fitness fanatic. I worked out with my sister who is now an NCP Figure competitor so at the time I was a shrimp.

Talking, got to hanging out and eventually we starting dating that summer we met at the gym. I was leaving for California at the end of the summer and he had just returned back to his hometown after being away for 3 years so, you can imagine how unexpected the relationship was. We kept in contact while I was in California and after seven months we decided we hated being apart. He packed up the car and drove across the country to San Diego to be with me. Here we are today.


How has our shared passion influenced the relationship:

After training with him for years in the gym there is no way his passion for bodybuilding wouldn’t rub off on me. Together we are serious gym freaks. We vibe off of each other. We lift each other up, motivate each other, and push one another to get that last rep done. There is no room for negativity in our relationship. We try to look at all things with positive light. We are often on opposite schedules, but the one thing we try to always do together is workout. This can mean I’m waking up at 4 A.M. because it’s his only free time, or he’s waiting until 8 P.M. because I cannot wake up at 4 A.M. everyday, come on! Fitness keeps our bond strong. It allows us to make goals together and reach those goals as a team.

He taught me small acts of kindness go a long way. Smile at someone you don’t know, spark a conversation with someone behind the counter, listen instead of hearing, or take time to be thankful. This has impacted our relationship immensely because small gestures of kindness can turn my entire day around! This small act of kindness can be blending my protein shake with a banana because he knows I like it that way.

Relationship Tips: 

  • Always be honest, our relationship has been based on honestly since day one. We find the truth is better even if it harder to tell sometimes.
  • Laugh everyday, it’s so important to be weird with your partner. If you can’t be weird and have too many inside jokes then you’re not living fully.
  • Take time to eat dinner together, we eat dinner every night together. Sometimes we eat it in five minutes because we are so busy, but we always sit down and talk about how our day was.
  • Accept each others differences. We are complete opposites. It gets to a point in adulthood where you understand the fact that you should love someone for exactly who they are, and not make someone who you want them to be.



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