Operation Squishy to Studly: Neqtr intern chronicles Part 1

tumblr_nplbpxnsgi1uxim6ro1_1280Hello everyone,

My name is Edgar and I’m the new intern at Neqtr. For the sake of comedic and educational purposes, I have decided to leave my pizza-loving ways and immerse myself in all facets of healthy living: Exercising, juicing, healthy eating, and ventures that will develop both my mind and spirituality. I’m doing this not only because I think it’s an important process in the development of my discipline and wholeness, but also to motivate those who want to better them selves but need some inspiration and guidance.

The first order of business is to plan this out: plan, plan, plan.

I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been squishy pizza loving fool all of my life!

On the topic of fitness:
I started going to the gym about a year ago but I was too busy with school and wasn’t able to change my lady lumps into manly bumps.

But this time it’ll be different because (1) I’ll have time and (2) I’ll be more prepared than ever. I started looking for exercise routines and found a really neat site called bodybuilding.com. It’s great! They have a buttload of plans for all kinds of people, even me!

After a while I finally found an exercise plan and meal plan specifically for getting fit. Another thing that I’ve also been interested is juicing. I’m a huge Redditor so naturally I looked there and I found a really cool subreddit that had all the information about juicing , including tips on how to juice without a juicer. I also found a healthy eating subreddit that has a lot of inexpensive meal and snack recipes.

I’ll be starting tomorrow so stay tuned!


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