Letting Them Down Easy.

There are good dates, bad dates, and those that fall in between because the connection just isn’t there. Our founder Sonya talks about the importance of being up front about where you stand.

Stylish Wing Girl

So you meet someone new and you’re intrigued. Date goes alright, and you think they seem pretty cool but don’t have a real pull either way. They seem really into you. They want to see you again. You think, “sure why not, it wasn’t bad and maybe there’s potential there?” You secretly wish there is some potential there because they are cool, but there is just a feeling of indifference looming overhead. Indifference isn’t sexy.


You come across someone and you have a feeling they aren’t going to be right for you, but they are attractive. Maybe they have some cool interests. But there is something that you can sense isn’t right. They want to meet you. You think, “well I don’t have the best feeling about it, but it couldn’t hurt right? Maybe I’m missing something.” You then meet them and you realize they really aren’t right for…

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