4 Reasons To Date A Spontaneous Person

Spontaneous is (of a person) having an open, natural, and uninhabited manner or the act of spontaneity is preformed or occurring as a result of sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditated or external stimulus. That definition is just a bunch of words written on your screen, love is spontaneous.


You spontaneously fall in-love with a stranger and open up your world to them, emotionally and physically. Spontaneous acts can mean different things to every person’s relationship. Maybe some of us like having a romantic meal cooked after a long day at work. Maybe some of us like to be taken on a vacation where everything is planned and we’re just along for the adventure. Fact of the matter is, spontaneity is what allowed each relationship to form, and spontaneity is what will keep relationships alive.

Hilda Burke a integrative psychotherapist and life coach in London states most of us actually have very opposite interests.

“The odds are often stacked against many of our relationships – polar interests, differing political opinions, intolerance of each other’s friends and family, not to mention wildly different ideals on where to holiday and yet we persist!”

Although most of our relationships would seem doomed, we must remember the feeling of spontaneously falling in-love with our partner in the first place. We must keep that excitement and hype alive all the days of our relationship so it never becomes dull. But what if you were dating someone who’s personality characteristic is spontaneous?

What would your relationship look like? A roller coaster of exciting, loving, and absolute adrenaline rushing moments all bundled into a joyful relationship.


Fall in-love every day

The honeymooners phase of the relationship will never actually go away. A spontaneous person will always spice up the relationship with unique ideas and dates you’ve only seen in the movies. Sometimes the movies haven’t even thought of these amazing ideas!

This person lives to see you happily surprised and will do anything it takes to make you fall in-love with them over and over again everyday, as if it was the first time you said those words — I love you.

Plan to be unplanned

The phrase spur-of-the-moment has a whole new meaning to spontaneous people, and you’ll have to get use to letting them do things their way. If you planned on having a relaxing weekend. They will take it 3 notches up and take your relaxing weekend beyond your idea of sitting on the coach, eating junk food and watching Netflix.

Spontaneous people have the tendency to hyper focus on new exciting ideas. They won’t let ideas go until they have completed it. So never suggest something you don’t actually want to do or have.


Never say never

You think it would be so great to “get away for the weekend.” Next thing you know they have a hotel booked up the coast and a whole weekend planned for the two of you the following weekend.

Spontaneous people want to share all their excitement with their partners, so never say never. If they get the urge to skydive that day, your coming along!

Live for the moment

A spontaneous person could be scrolling through Instagram and see a beautiful waterfall. Next thing you know your bags are packed and your driving to Oregon to see the waterfall in person.

A spontaneous person will remember everything that makes you happy, and multiply your feeling of happiness 10X!


So imagine dating a spontaneous person. It is the feeling of falling in love every day. Never knowing where you’ll wake up. Where would your story take you? Go out and find love. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with someone who lives life on the edge, their life is beautiful!


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Date A Spontaneous Person

  1. Reblogged this on sunkissedmiddlechild and commented:
    This is a blog I wrote on being in a spontaneous relationship. I think it’s so important to keep things alive between you and your partner. Maybe you don’t need someone who is alway on such as the person I have described, but spontaneity is what will keep a relationship lasting for the long run. If you are not happy in your relationship, only you have the ability to change that!


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