Overcoming New Year’s Resolution Pitfalls


“This year will be the year I ________…”

Before you know it, it’s March and you’re back to your old routine.

How does that happen? We start with the best of intentions, only to find ourselves no closer to our goals then when we started. Perhaps we set ourselves up for failure from the beginning by setting goals with no plan of action, and relying on our own excuses rather than having accountability.

“I just don’t have the time.”

While this may be a true statement, it is also an excuse. You will never have time for anything unless you make time. A common pitfall is when people expect to magically find downtime in their day. Between work, social commitments, pets, children and household responsibilities, it’s likely that the 24 hours in your day are already spoken for.

We make time for what is important, and that might mean rearranging our schedules or reprioritizing how we spend our day. The bad news is, you are likely your own biggest obstacle. The good news is, that also means you have the power to make all of the little changes that add up to a big difference.

Here are 4 ways to overcome common New Years Resolution pitfalls:

  1. iPhoneReminderIncorporate small changes into your routineGiven that we are creatures of habit, our goals need to be etched into our daily or weekly routines if we are to stick to them. If your goal is to have better work-life balance, block off time on your calendar for self-nurturing activities just as you do for work. Treat that time with as much respect and consideration as you would if it were reserved for a meeting. If your goal is to become more fit, find 3 half-hour time slots in your weekly schedule for exercise and slowly build up to longer or more frequent sessions.
  2. Keep visible reminders. Even if you don’t keep a daily planner, set an alarm on your phone, set a daily reminder on your calendar, or put post-It notes on the mirror or the refrigerator. We are less likely to ignore daily reminders when they are visible and persistent.
  3. Partner up. Whether its couples’ meditation, a jogging partner, a gym spotter or a friend to volunteer with, having a partner makes change easier by making it more fun and social. It also holds you accountable by making it harder to flake on your commitments. If your friends don’t share your passion for hiking or animal activism, we’ve got your back as there are plenty of people on Neqtr who do.CoupleJogging.
  4. Try new things. This seems basic but you’ll be surprised at how many people dismiss things before they have even tried them. This is important because there is more than one way to achieve your resolutions. For example, fitness does not necessarily require the gym (and perhaps you hate the gym anyway). Getting back into the dating scene doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to bars, especially when that conflicts with your goal of drinking less.

Keep an open mind.

This year, I discovered that not only can I quiet my thoughts enough to meditate, but I am so much happier and balanced when I do. It’s now an integral part of my routine. My husband coached me through it as I probably would not have given up had I tried on my own. Same goes for hiking – I went for the first time with my best friend and I got such a rush from it!

How do you know what you’re missing until you try it? Neqtr’s calendar of events makes it easy, because we know everyone could use a little help (and a friend) sometimes.

By acknowledging that we are often our biggest obstacle to change, we become more realistic about eliminating the excuses we often make for not sticking to our resolutions.

Here’s to a new year, new you in 2016!


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