Swipe Right on Friends.


We’ve made friend-zoning cool. 

You joined Neqtr and specified that you wanted to meet new friends and/or new loves. However, we’ve discovered that many of you who said you wanted to meet friends are shy to swipe right. We can assume that’s because of various reasons like fear of friend rejection, swiping on the same sex, swiping on the opposite sex as friends only, seeing the words “dating app” and not really believing that you can meet friends too. Just to be clear, that’s why we identify ourselves as a “relationship app”, because we want you to find something real, something more meaningful. Since you took a chance on us and joined, we want to help you find a new buddy.

How do you swipe for friends within the app? 

First, go into your profile and click the white “edit” button under your picture:


Second, in “I want to meet” select which genders of friends (or loves) you’d like to meet. Also select what you are looking for: Love, Friends, Both:


Now you can swipe for Friends! It’s that easy. If you feel weary, don’t, because that’s why we made the app so that you could meet (both) new friends and new loves – not just one or the other. We have really awesome people on this app, and soon you can get to know them too. It just takes a magical swipe right. The second step is actually saying “hello” and responding as we’ve touched on before.


Here are 5 pieces to help you on your journey to meet friends:

1. Look For Acquaintances First.  Every friendship starts off with the exchange of a smile, question or comment. Best friends don’t grow on trees and real relationships take time to nurture. As two people get to know each other, they will fall into a comfortable groove.

2. Don’t Quit Before You Start.  Many adults have the mistaken impression that everyone else is already paired up, like Noah’s Ark and no one else is looking for new friends. Contrary to the myth perpetuated by popular culture, most friendships don’t last forever. Thus, you need to continually replenish your “stock” of friendships.

3.  Engage With People.  Neqtr allows you to engage with all kinds of people with many different backgrounds. We want you to be able to find and be able to relate to someone that share the same interests as you. If you work, arrange to have lunch with someone. If you work at home, arrange to have coffee or lunch with someone at least twice a week. Turn off all electronics for a couple of hours each day and see if you find yourself more engaged with people.

4. Risk Reaching Out.  Don’t be embarrassed about being lonely or friendless. You’re certainly not the only one. Moreover, don’t let shame or embarrassment stop you from reaching out to new friends. Otherwise, your friendlessness will become a vicious cycle.

5. Be Yourself!  Don’t lie about who you are and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. You’ll always find what you’re looking for when you are real and genuine and there is no question about that. After all, we want you to connect over passions, not pick up lines!

Happy friend-hunting!! xoxo



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