6 reasons why smart is the new sexy

girl1Being smart is really sexy.

Sapiosexuals would agree that nothing in this world is more sexy than intelligence. We may go searching for someone we are attracted to physically, but finding someone to share a mental and intellectual connection with is a rare find, and a much better foundation on which to build a relationship.


Here are 6 reasons why smart is the new sexy:

1. Intelligence = confidence. Someone who’s able to blow your mind by picking your brain can be so much more attractive than someone who obsesses over their appearance. We learn to love them for what they most love about themselves.

2. They keep your interest by evoking yours. Intelligent people have so many layers to them, so it takes time to get to know them. But one thing is guaranteed: peeling away those layers will leave you wanting more.


3. Your experience of intimacy is more than just sexual. Figuring out if you’re compatible, you have to be vulnerable and honest and open, and there’s no more beautiful or sustainable groundwork for a relationship than that. Your relationship strengthens your identity and not the opposite way around. You end up discovering so much more of who you are because you’re constantly thinking about it.

4. They inspire you. Being able to see what inspires you to want to become the best version of yourself that you can be. When it comes to an intelligent person, you can bet they don’t rate themselves by society’s superficial standards of being thinner or richer, but rather, being more self-aware, inspired, passionate, focused and driven.

5. Your bond is deeper. You bond over your favorite books and deepest beliefs and honest conversations. The whole process of getting to know them is a sexy geek fest of your favorite quotes and the artists nobody else knows. You love being able to understand and figure out what your partner loves.

6. You learn from one other. You’re exposed to ideas and writing and art that you never before would have come across or maybe even appreciated, and it’s in that moment that you end up giving to one another so much more than just your time and attention.

When you date an intelligent person, you’re loved for the person you are, beyond what you appear to be, or the physical space you inhabit. It’s what everybody claims to want, yet so few people know how to achieve.

People attracted to intelligence inherently understand that we are more than our bodies. They understand they are temporary, both in lifespan and in taut, smooth, young attractiveness. You’re seen and desired for who you most genuinely are.










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