Live Passionately, Be Happy

Words like “passion” and “purpose” may sound like cliches thrown out by motivational speakers. Answering this call is not always easy, but living an authentic happy life requires more than just existing. We all have a responsibility, to those around us and to ourselves, to live life as passionately as possible.

How can you be sure you feel passionately about something? How do you know what your purpose is? While there are seemingly countless books and seminars on the subject, the answer is not as complicated as you think.

You just need to ask yourself these questions: 

What do you love to do? 

You have to try different things to discover what you really love. Your passions are more than just major lifetime goals – they can include everyday things like spiritual practice, writing, cooking, art, music, sports, travel, photography, pottery, being in nature, etc. Once you discover what you really love to do, it is important to make those activities a priority in your life, as these are the things that nurture the soul.



What are you good at?

When people say, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, they are referring to those who can answer the previous two questions and give the same answer. If what you love to do is also what you are good at, you’ve found your passion and your purpose (or at least one of them!).

Who can benefit from this skill or talent of yours? How do they benefit?

Living more passionately is not only enjoyable, it also helps us find our unique talents. It is our responsibility to bring forth our gifts and offer them to others.

The most successful people focus more on the people they serve, more than they focus on what they get out of it. So if you start by focusing on what others need and building backwards from that, you will create a life of passion and purpose.



Living passionately allows you to feel more alive, more energized and more connected to your true self. Passion drives us. That’s why getting in touch with our passions allows us to reach our true potential.

If doing things you genuinely love benefits you and those around you, why not just make your passions a priority? We make time for the things that matter, so no matter how busy you are, if you love to write – schedule time in your day for it. If teaching makes you feel alive – volunteer, advise, inspire others whenever you can, even if it isn’t your profession (yet).


Getting in touch with our passions also tends to get us in touch with fears and insecurities which we work so hard to ignore. But remember: We each have something unique to offer, that spark of light within us, which we share with the world. Not living up to our potential is denying the world of something special. Make a conscious decision to prioritize the things you love and arrange your life to support these passions, and it will speed you down the road to living more passionately.

Go out and explore all the things that you haven’t given yourself the chance to. Don’t be afraid to take that step and live life to the fullest!


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