53 Reasons Why Giving Back is Sexy

By: Sonya Davis, Neqtr Founder & CEO

When you type the word “sexy” into Google, you get a slew of pornographic sites and x-rated materials you might feel the need to shield your eyes from.

Sexy can also refer to the way you dress – short slinky evening wear,  tight dresses, or Halloween costumes. But dressing sexy can result in slut-shaming and criticism. Thus the word “sexy” ends up with a negative connotation or stigma. It shouldn’t, but it does. Our society can be a cruel place.

What does sexy really mean?
Passionate, desirable, alluring, provocative, lustful, exciting, appealing…?

Who would not want to feel those things? They are very positive feelings and they should be embraced, not a source of shame.

You could look hot in any outfit and feel sexy. You could also feel sexy by doing things that better the world. Doing so shows real character and grit. These acts also boost your self-confidence, help you feel real gratitude, you will love yourself just a bit more, and work alongside other amazing people or creatures you might not have met otherwise. Making a real difference is desirable. It takes guts and it’s not always easy.

Giving back makes you more attractive.

I convinced my ex to go to a beach cleanup with me. He made it a point to pick up as much trash as possible and that made him 10 times sexier. I wanted to jump his bones, because it’s hot to see someone working selflessly to make the world a better place. We both also felt a beautiful high upon finishing each time we went.

I also went to an event where I got a chance to help local children read. There was a guy there that wouldn’t normally be my type. However, he was spending his Saturday morning reading to two adorable little girls who were eating up each bite. The more I observed this, I felt very attracted to him, both physically and sexually. It showed me that he was literate, kind, sweet to children, and selfless. Yes please.

We like to say that there should be passion in and out of the bedroom for the best relationship. With that we mean that giving back to your partner is sexy, sharing passions and helping the world together creates a story that is exclusive to you two and feels really good. Plus wouldn’t you prefer to say that you met them while planting a tree rather than on a wasted face hookup app? Just sayin’.

Here are 53 ways giving back is sexy:

  1. Exhibits positive attributes about character.
  2. Being passionate is hot.
  3. You will feel needed.
  4. You care about more than just yourself – being selfless is a great feeling.
  5. You will experience immense gratitude & appreciation.
  6. You will feel more self-love.
  7. You’re supporting a local cause or one close to your heart and acting on it.
  8. Actions speak louder than words, and you’re taking action.
  9. You’re not putting up a facade. You don’t get all dolled up to pick up trash, feed the homeless, work with children, or rescue animals.
  10. You can experience a natural high after volunteering (the cheesy “high on life” but for realz).
  11. You will feel fulfillment in life & love.
  12. It creates meaning & purpose.
  13. It can fill the void or black hole or heal numbness from past traumas.
  14. It earns you good karma points.
  15. Golden rule – do unto others as they do unto you – you can create that reality.
  16. It builds compassion & empathy.
  17. You’re making the world a more beautiful place and helping Mother Earth.
  18. You’re taking a stand for something you believe in or appreciate.
  19. You will see someone in a new positive light – maybe they wouldn’t of been your type, but seeing them in this setting makes you realize how sexy they really are.
  20. You will feel kindness for others & the world.
  21. You will be a positive influencer in your network.
  22. You get involved in community issues and can help on a grassroots level.
  23. It can get you out of your head and learn to be present & intentional.
  24. You’re helping nonprofits that dedicate their life for specific causes.
  25. It can help you gain a greater understanding and value of the world around you — gives you perspective.
  26. It’s a workout.
  27. You have to push past resistance to give back, which strengthens your core life force & determination.
  28. You will get out of your comfort zone.
  29. You will work around or alongside people & learn to adapt to different personality types & learn people skills.
  30. You will learn to communicate effectively to get the job done.
  31. You will be the best you can be in a short amount of time.
  32. You will meet amazing people like yourself for new friends or more.
  33. You will feel inspired.
  34. You will feel a renewed sense of energy or vibrance.
  35. It’s  legitimately bragworthy because it can motivate others to pitch in.
  36. Donating can be a write-off or provide increased tax returns.
  37. You become educated about things you might not have understood previously.
  38. Volunteering creates an overall respect in any community setting — good talking points.
  39. If he/she is giving back, think of other ways they would consider giving back…eh eh?
  40. You will be more generous in other parts of your life.
  41. It’s good for your health physically & psychologically by reducing stress and healing ailments.
  42. It’s addicting because it feels good to do & contagious.
  43. People will respect you & you can become a leader.
  44. You will develop new skills.
  45. You will evolve & experience new personal growth both quickly and over time  – you will feel a noticeable shift in your consciousness.
  46. You will build a new sense of confidence.
  47. You will understand why giving back is important – this can often be overlooked.
  48. Your kindness levels will grow.
  49. You will feel an awakening shortly following.
  50. You will partake in activities you might not of been able to otherwise.
  51. You can become a natural community activist & make some noise about the cause.
  52. You can gain a new support system you didn’t know you had otherwise.
  53. It will help you feel more connected & less lonely.

Seems too good to be true?

Try it. We dare you.





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