Turning Ordinary Dates into Extraordinary Dates

By: Alexia Garcia, Neqtr Intern

For most of us, a first date means dinner and a movie. But why? You can’t exactly get to know someone while watching a movie, and eating on a first date can be stressful. How do you get past the awkward small talk? What if you get food stuck in your teeth? Who’s footing the bill? I mean yes, you can get past the stress and awkwardness, but why should you? Well, the answer is… you don’t have to.

I get it. You probably don’t want to do something too ambitious or possibly too “out there” for your first date, which probably steers you away from doing something like volunteering or making care packages for the homeless, and instead leads you to doing something less than original. But, you can still have a meaningful and rewarding first date without getting your hands dirty.

The Solution

None of us should feel an obligation to sit through the boring and lackluster date you’ve gone on at least five times before. Instead, aim to show your potential partner your best qualities through an activity that shows what you’re all about.

Take a visit to your local farmers’ market 

Pick up ingredients and make a meal together! Not only is this a fun experience, but you’re  also doing something great for the community and the environment. By supporting local farmers you’re gaining the amazing benefit of nutrient rich foods and you’re also supporting the humane treatment of animals, and reducing the pollution that comes from the transport of non-local foods.

Go thrift shopping

Thrift stores hold an abundance of treasures. Pick out outfits for each other or compete to see who can find the coolest item. The best part is that you’re recycling, which is great for the environment. Mother nature will thank you.

Explore a new area by bike

Experience a new area in your community in an innovative way! Biking is a great form of exercise and it produces ZERO pollution. The exercise also causes the release of  endorphins which will make you and your date happier 🙂 leading to a more positive experience.

Attend a benefit/charity event

Unlike the other date ideas, this one is pretty fluid. You can go to a benefit concert, an art auction, or a party thrown by nonprofits in your area. The possibilites are endless. The Neqtr app posts tons of different nonprofit events and is a great resource for finding events in your area.

Visit local museums

Museums are a great way to learn about something new and sharing the learning experience with your date can help create a bond. Plus, many museums offer free admission. However, they rely on support from visitors to stay open. So, give whatever you can. It may be small, but you’ll still be making a difference.

Visit a small business in your community

Instead of going to mainstream businesses, try going somewhere unique to your community. This can help create a spot for you and your date that’s uniquely yours. Not only will you help boost your local economy, but you’ll help keep those small businesses open and therefore creates more jobs in your community.

Ordinary is boring.

Don’t settle for an ordinary date. Do something new and rewarding, something that shows off who you really are and something that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. By going on dates that have higher value, you’re giving you and a your potential partner the opportunity to get to know each other on a level that’s much deeper and more meaningful than you would otherwise. Even if it doesn’t work out between you, you still did something good for your community and made an impact, which makes you pretty extraordinary.


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